Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Print Manager Plus 2010 Academic Edition

Product feature, episode 3

Print Manager Plus 2010
Academic Edition

Track, Control, Quota, and Restrict Student printing across your network. Academic Pricing available for K12, Higher Education and Non-Profit.
  • Simple to Install and Easy to Use.
  • Monitor all Printing Traffic.
  • Monitor all Printing Costs.
  • Set Printing Quotas.
  • Set Printing Restrictions.
  • Force Print Job Verification.
  • Over 129 Print Traffic Reports, & Graphs included.

Every day, millions of Students around the world waste tens of millions of dollars needlessly printing documents with no thought to what it costs! If killing all those trees wasn’t bad enough, print manufacturers charge you an arm and a leg for toner and services.

Dissuade students from printing all of their emails, pictures, texts, and web pages. Irresponsible printing puts a strain on your school’s budget and Print Manager Plus can eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% or more on a single network. Print Manager Plus allows for full setting of printing quotas, restrictions, and detailed tracking of all printing history.

Print Manager Plus 2010 Academic Edition

Product feature, episode 2


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