Monday, June 23, 2008

Print Manager Plus Is Considered a Vital Necessity by its Clients in this Time of Looming Economic Recession

Over 78% of survey respondents give ‘controlling costs’ as the primary reason for using Print Manager Plus

Clearwater, Florida and London, UK -- Software Shelf International, Inc recently conducted a survey among its clients worldwide. The results clearly show that their primary reason for using the product is to control and so reduce both the direct and indirect running costs of printing within their organizations, namely: paper, ink (toner), printer maintenance and electricity.

Other reasons given for using Print Manager Plus in the survey were: its advanced reporting capabilities (it comes with over 130 detailed reports and analysis graphs that allow you to see who is printing, what they are printing and the cost of that printing); its ease of use (it is just like a natural extension of the operating system itself and is completely transparent to the user, needing no additional hardware); and its positive impact upon the environment. Software Shelf recently announced that the combined effect of its international educational customer base alone saves over 100,000 trees a month. In addition, less printing means less electricity consumed which, in turn, means reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

“What with current economic forecasts, if ever there was a time to improve the bottom line to aid corporate survival, it is now,” says Danny Byrnes, Vice President, Software Shelf International. “As our survey results show, our clients have recognized that Print Manager Plus makes a valuable contribution towards the survival of their organizations. Companies who have not yet embraced the power of PMP but who are starting to feel the pinch might want to look of this amazing software solution as a way of securing their own financial stability.”

Besides the important printing data that can be obtained, PMP allows Administrators to fully control printing by being able to implement Quotas and Restrictions on Users, Groups, Organizational Units, and Printers. The powerful restrictions vary from color usage, time usage, limiting pages and copies per print job, to scheduling and implementing printer usage. These controlling limits allow organizations to actually cut wasteful printing hence saving time, money, and resources.

Two noteworthy comments made by respondents of the survey that so effectively sum up what Print Manager Plus 2008 is and does were: “Print Manager Plus is a complete print management solution” and “Print Manager Plus provides functionality that is lacking in our operating system.”

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Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in tightly-integrated Windows Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus is used by thousands of businesses, schools, colleges, universities and other organizations worldwide. Businesses and government clients include: Electrolux Home Care Products, Ask Jeeves, Commerz Bank, CSC Financial Services Group, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt Hotels, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Bank of New York, United Nations, US Court of Appeals, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy. Software Shelf provides technical support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its more than 150 partners and resellers in over 60 countries, and it was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Partner of the Year Award in 2007. Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

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