Friday, September 17, 2010

Print Manager Plus Reports Comparison Chart

Check out the Print Manager Plus Reports comparison chart. This chart show the difference between the built-in reports that come with PMP and the new Reports Center Option, which offers web based reporting and charts.

Read the document here as PDF.

Product Overview:

Monitor all printing with over 100 detailed pre-made Reports, Statements, and Graphs that allow you to see who is printing, what they are printing, and the cost of that printing. Bill back department budgets or just examine overall print traffic and budgets. Irresponsible printing puts a strain on your company’s budget and Print Manager Plus can eliminate wasted printing by up to 50% or more on a single network.

This add-on option for Print Manager Plus allows you to share network-printing data with your entire enterprise. With web-based reports and built in viewing rights and permissions that hook into Active Directory you can plan and execute your budget needs and flow data with ease and precision. Set it all to automatic with a built in scheduler that will build reports, send reports and graphs via email or saved to a share on the server. If you don’t like our pre-made reports, statements, and graphs, then edit them or create your own with the Business Intelligence Development Studio. (Ad-Hoc Reporting)

Whether your an Academic, Corporate, Government, or Professional Services organization using Print Manager Plus with this Reports Center Option can be used to make better decisions regarding printing. With the precise enterprise printing traffic in detail at your finger tips learn and teach how to save, budget, and use all of your printing resources.