Friday, May 28, 2010

Software Shelf is now a Sharp® Authorized Partner

Sharp is the newest partnership Software Shelf has made to help with hardware and software compatibility. Existing Partners also include, Microsoft, Espon and Hewlett-Packard

About Sharp
World-famous for award-winning technology, Sharp Electronics Corporation enhances the workplace with next-generation multifunction products that help businesses efficiently manage their workflow. With Sharp’s new Sharp OSA technology, you get more than industry-leading hardware and software products…you get products that work together to form a seamless, integrated workflow, helping your business save time and resources.

About Software Shelf
Our mission is to provide the highest quality and easy to use software and service to our customers to help them increase their own production, efficiency, and viability to improve their own bottom line far in excess of the cost of the software. Our technology helps organizations comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Data Protection Acts regulations. Our tools reduce the total cost of ownership of computer systems as well as save money in IT staff time and make the job easier for IT administrators and end users.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Is your printing budget out of control?

Every day, millions of users around the world waste tens of millions of dollars needlessly printing documents with no thought to what it costs! If killing all those trees wasn't bad enough, print manufacturers charge you an arm and a leg for toner and services.

Print Manager Plus was created to put you in control of this hidden cost. It's the simplest and easiest way to audit your printing, period.

Track, Control, Quota, and Restrict Student printing across your network. Academic Pricing available for Secondary, K12 schools, Universities, Colleges, and Non-Profit organizations.
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Monitor, Hold, and Complete Payment in one easy click. Use the web based release station interface to release a patron's print job from your computer lab. No Hardware, No Cash Machines, and No Hassle!
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Corporate/Government Enterprise
Manage Users, Groups, OUs, Printers, and Print Traffic over your network and have full control of your corporate, government, and SMB environment. Audit Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment. Banking, Healthcare, and Insurance companies ask about its full compliancy for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Data Protection Acts.
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Professional Services
Authenticate and Manage Clients, Accounts, Matter Codes, and Users For Billing and Charge back purposes. Perfect for Law Firms, Real Estate, Architectural Firms, Engineering Firms, and Consulting Firms.
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Solutions Consulting
Manage new prospects by giving them full assessment of Printer Inventory and Print Traffic results on any size network. This traveling license of Print Manager Plus allows for up to 3 months of print traffic numbers per client. Print Manager Plus data will impress any potential customer and lead to an immediate sale and a long lasting relationship.
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Authorized Partners

Software Shelf is proud to offer a worldwide network of Partners that can provide product sales, product information, product evaluations and product support.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

5 Stars Award for File Rescue Plus

File Rescue Plus 5 Stars Award
ProgramsData has given File-Rescue Plus the 5 stars award. File-Rescue Plus is a fast, thorough, easy way to recover deleted files.

It can bring back files that would otherwise be lost forever, including files deleted from the Recycle Bin, deleted by application programs, deleted with removed directories, deleted because of virus damage, or through a "quick format" on a drive. After it scans, it shows you all the files it finds and might be able to undelete, along with the condition of the file and chances of recovery. You can even restore individual files back to the same directory from which they were deleted.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Print Manager Plus 2010 – An Integral Part of Corporate and Institutional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems

An additional level of security is provided by Print Manager Plus 2010® from Software Shelf International

Palo Alto, California, Clearwater, Florida, and London, England - Loss of large volumes of protected corporate and institutional information continues to reach headlines, forcing companies to re-issue security cards, send apologetic notifications to customers, settle up lawsuits and mitigate loss of confidence and goodwill from increasing negative publicity.

Many companies now fall under the oversight of government and commercial regulations that mandate controls over corporate and customer information. Some of these regulations stipulate routine information technology audits, which can fail if corporations and institutions lack sufficient data security controls.

Company reliance on enterprise resource planning ERP software can find compliance especially challenging and significant penalties continue to be mandated in the event of a breach.

Print Manager Plus 2010, from Software shelf International provides an additional level of security and data loss prevention and is used by some of the largest government agencies, corporations and institutions in the world.

“The big hole in Data Loss Prevention has to do with uncontrolled and usually unrestricted printing,” according to Software Shelf CEO, Bill Feeley. “Print Manager Plus 2010 fills this need and is the most robust and least expensive solution available on the market today.”

Print Manager Plus 2010 can quickly set Quotas and Restrictions on a single or multiple users, user groups, and organizational units. Restrictions can be set directly on a printer or group of printers. Default settings can be turned on for new Users, and Printers added to the Active Directory.

According to Feeley, if a print job has been denied because of a preset data restriction or a printing quota has been met, Print Manager Plus 2010 can automatically be set to pause the print job or delete it. Pop-Up messages can then be automatically sent to the user’s workstation explaining why the print job was denied and requiring the user to obtain authorization to continue.

New security-related features enable easy compliance to regulations such as HIPAA security rules and similar rules of UK and European Data Protection regulations, as well as Sarbanes Oxley in the US.

Print Manager Plus 2010 not only makes printing 100 percent more efficient and secure, it enables fast, state-of-the-art print controls and accounting, significant reductions of waste and increased cost savings – all while dramatically lowering IT and hardware resource requirements and increasing Date Loss Protection for any organization.

Marking a milestone in the development of all print management solutions, Print Manager Plus 2010 eliminates the need to deploy complex and expensive hardware solutions. In fact, Print Manager Plus 2010 is the only fully functional all-software solution available supporting all printers, plotters and multifunctional devices on the market today and all Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux operating systems – and it does so at a fraction of the cost of any other IT product available.

Print Manager Plus is a Green product featured by ‘Guide Me Green’ as software that is saving 150,000 trees every month due to the paper savings it achieves for its customers throughout the world.

For a full listing of all new features, go to:

Pricing and availability
A free, fully functional trial version of Print Manager Plus 2010 is now available for download at

About Software Shelf
Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in tightly integrated Windows Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is used by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. The company provides tech support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its more than 150 partners and resellers in over 65 countries.

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