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Print Manager Plus and your Business

How can Print Manager Plus help your Bottom Line?

Print Manager Plus was built from the ground up using the latest Microsoft capabilities and adding in complete printing control by deciphering printer manufactures printer languages. This gives Print Manager Plus all the data needed to Audit, Restrict, Quota, and Control print traffic over any network and any heterogeneous environment.

Print Manager Plus is sold into different vertical markets that use the product for different reasons, but the common denominator for all is complete print management and control which equals a huge savings on printing resources.

Companies that use Print Manager Plus to its fullest extent can save anywhere from 30% to 50% of all printing costs. The product usually pays for itself and more within its free 30 day evaluation. Easily trim costs on Toner, Paper, Service, and IT resources.

Print Manager Plus is used in thousands of schools, universities, corporations, and governments across the world. Businesses include: Schools, Higher Education, Non-Profit, Libraries, SMB, Global2000, Government, Law Firms, Architectural Firms, Engineering Firms, Marketing & PR Firms, Real Estate, and Consultants.

Saving Money Now:

Print Manager Plus not only audits all aspects of printing, but also allows an organization to fully control printing with Quotas, Restrictions, and Reports. This control and data can be used to cut back on wasted printing, restrict any aspect of printing, fully utilize you current print resources, and fully account for all printing expenses.

This usually hidden expense can now be accounted for and controlled.

Auditing & Reporting Include:

* Over 130 individual reports, statements, and charts.

* Reports by User, Groups, OU, Workstation, Server, Accounts, Client, Billing Code.

* Detailed Savings Reports.

* Audit heterogeneous network environments.

* Supports Work Groups, Active Directory and LDAP.

* Printers Audited includes: Dot Matrix, Inkjets, LaserJets, Multifunctional devices, Large Format Printers, and Plotters.

* Print Job data collected is: Time/Date Printed, Document Title, Document Type, Page Count, Copy Count, Page Size, Print Job Size, Black & White Output, Color Output, Duplex, N-Up, Large Format Printing by Inches and Centimeters.

Printing Restrictions Include:

* Deny printing for print jobs over certain number of pages.

* Deny printing if the number of copies exceeds.

* Deny printing if the document size is greater than.

* Deny printing if the document is reprinted within so many seconds.

* Deny or Allow printing if the document title contains specific keywords.

* Deny printing if the document is color.

* Deny printing if the document is Black and White.

* Enable Date/Time Restrictions.

Printing Quotas Include:

* Set a currency quota to a user.

* Set a page quota to a user.

* Set a quota by user by printer or group of printers.

* Reset or Increase quotas automatically.

Printing Security and Authentication:

* Set print job verification.

* Set print job authentication by user password.

* Set print job authentication by username and password.

* Set print job client billing verification

* Set print job client billing authentication by client password.

* Set print job client billing authentication by user password.

* Set print job client billing authentication by username and password.

* Allow users to create client accounts on the fly.

* Allow users to add comments to their print job.

* Allow batch printing.

As you can see Print Manager Plus allows you to really control printing which means complete return on investment. For more information on the product please visit our website at or call/email us.

Start saving money now with this simple and inexpensive software tool.

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Software Shelf Key Personnel

Check out the new Key Personnel page just put up on the website:

Back to School - Use of Software Shelf’s Print Management Software Means Real Savings For Schools

Award-winning software allows schools and colleges to reduce their printing by 50% or more

School printing; a major drain on school finances unless tightly
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Clearwater, Florida and London, United Kingdom: Print Management Software firm Software Shelf International, Inc. announced today, at the beginning of the new academic year, a reminder to schools, colleges and universities that its print monitoring and limiting software offers a workable way for them to substantially reduce their operating costs. In these times of looming recession and financial instability, tight cost control is the key to the future of any organization. Print Manager Plus 2008 Standard Academic Edition provides a practical and environmentally-friendly way for educational establishments of all kinds to do just that.

The award-winning software allows secondary schools, K12 schools, universities, colleges and non-profit organizations to track, control, quota and restrict student and staff printing across the network. Case studies have shown that this software can reduce printing by 50% or more.

William Feeley, Software Shelf CEO

“It’s really easy to use and is 100% software based, so no additional hardware is needed at all,” says Software Shelf CEO, William Feeley. “It runs on Windows Server or Workstation NT/2000/XP/2008 and can track printing from any operating system, so any school could install this software tomorrow and start reducing its paper and ink costs immediately.”

The benefit the software provides schools and colleges is best expressed by its customers themselves:

“We couldn’t afford technology upgrades for our school. After installing Print Manager Plus we cut our printing costs in half - from £24,000 to around £12,000 and are now able to afford upgrades.” — Kevin Bowker, The King’s Academy, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, UK.

“Print Manager Plus gave us the ability to make students and teachers accountable for what they print and how much. Users are now pausing before they print and with the ability to set limits to print jobs, the 100-page books that were being sent are a thing of the past. Print Manager Plus is a great product for taking back control over spiraling print costs and saving the environment from wasteful printing.” — Administrator, Wesley Chapel High School, Florida.

Print management software, Print Manager Plus

The product is also very ‘green’ in that it reduces paper wastage, thereby saving trees, energy (in the production of paper and its distribution) and water; the manufacturing of paper is a very thirsty process. Based of average paper savings per client and the total number of its clients worldwide, it was recently calculated that Print Manager Plus is responsible for saving 200,000 trees globally every month!

About Software Shelf
Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in tightly integrated Windows Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is used by thousands of organizations worldwide and is available in over 60 countries. It was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Partner of the Year Award in 2007 and is listed in GuideMeGreen, the online directory of environmentally-friendly products and services.

For further information, please contact:

Danny Byrnes
Software Shelf International, Inc.
601 Cleveland Street
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Clearwater, FL 33755
United States
Phone: +1 727 445 1920
Phone: +1 800 962 2290
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