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Software Shelf® Appoints IT Global Services Colombia as its Authorized Country Partner


Software Shelf has appointed IT Global Services as an Authorized Partner in Colombia

Palo Alto, California - Bogota, Colombia -- February 10, 2010 -- Software Shelf has appointed IT Global Services as an Authorized Partner in Colombia. IT Global Services will work closely with its customers, and provide marketing, sales, and support for Software Shelf’s line of print management enterprise software products.

IT Global Services is the Software Solutions Provider for Hewlett Packard Colombia.

Our main objective is to provide our channel and end user customers with software solutions to manage, handle and control companies' print volume.

We provide solutions for 130 HP Channels inside Colombia, these outsourcing companies are offering and using our products, specifically Print Manager Plus to control and manage printing contracts.

Our customers and channel prefer, and select Print Manager Plus instead of other solutions because it’s easy to install, configure and use. After the installation it’s in production almost immediately. The way Print Manager Plus creates and presents the reports is the big differentiator.

Our experience with local customers has demonstrated: The print volume can be reduced up to 55% and also investment can be recovered in 60 days proving a real and immediate Return on Investment.

Print Manager Plus is a solution that can be used in any vertical segment (Banking, College and Universities, Health Care, Insurance Companies, Petroleum, etc)

Customers Include:


About IT Global Services

IT Global Services is the Software Solutions Provider for Hewlett Packard Colombia. Our main objective is to provide our channel and end user customers with software solutions to manage, handle and control companies' print volume.

About Software Shelf

Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in tightly integrated Windows Print Management solutions. Established in 1994, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. Tech support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its more than 150 partners and resellers in over 65 countries.

For further information, contact:

Juan Anez
IT Global Services
Phone: (571) 613-92-18, (57) 317-430-97

Bill Feeley
Software Shelf International, Inc.
Phone: 727-445-1920

Friday, February 05, 2010

Printer Quota Management

Excerpted from Printer Quota Management by Jennifer Chilton (originally 'Print Audits Can Help Manage Printing Costs')

Given the enormous amount that printing and copying can cost a company and how often these devices are used on a daily basis, a print audit could have a big impact upon printing costs in most workplaces. Once you have discovered exactly where most copies are made and how many, several measures can be taken to act on the results, including implementing print quotas and restrictions. This helps companies to make a big reduction to their printing costs.

Print Manager Plus – Part 3 – Academic Presentation

Before You Invest in Printing

It is always good to look for different options available in the market that can optimize your organization's printing cost, before you actually buy one. Here is an insight into same

Excerpted from PCQuest, 7 Nov 09 by Sandeep Koul with inputs from Vishnu Anand

Printing requirements of organizations can vary depending on the size and nature of the business. Optimizing printing infrastructure for enterprises spread over different physical locations is always important to reduce costs. In earlier days, printers used to remain as the unmanaged piece of equipment, but now companies are putting lots of efforts to cut down costs associated with printing.

Popularity of managed printing services (MPS) is a good example to highlight how organizations can benefit from domain experts. Using MPS, organizations can save up to 30-40% cost on printing related activities and can focus on their core business. But if your organization already has a big fleet of printers and that too from different vendors, then opting for MPS would make no sense. Because, here services are vendor specific. So, if you opt for Canon MPS then your HP or Xerox printers would not be supported. In this scenario, getting right equipment is very critical. For example, if your printing requirement is of thousand-pages, you should get the printer that can support the same.

You can't overload your device with prints that it can't support. There are various software available that can analyze printer usage in an organization. This analysis can be used to put correct printer at correct place thus optimizing printer usage.

Managed Print Services

After opting for MPS from a reliable vendor, you can opt for printing service in different modes. For example, for new branch office requirements, instead of buying a new printer you can ask your MPS vendor to provide printers inside your premises. This not only saves initial investment on printers but also enables branches to be functional instantly.

Organizations can also opt to print inside vendor premises, if information to be printed is not critical. One more option is to get a new printing unit installed inside your premises for a fixed amount of time when printing requirement is very high. However, you can also go for pay-per-print model, where a fixed amount is charged per print. Services that are provided by an MPS provider include: maintenance of printing units across all locations that include managing and providing printing paper and cartridges, replacement or repair of damaged unit, providing a consolidated bill that gives visibility to top management about actual spending on printing.

Print Management Software

There are a number of both paid and open source print management software available that can help in monitoring printing usage patterns of an organization. Print Management Plus 6.0 is free to try software that can be downloaded from

for a Windows XP/2000/NT machine on the same network where your printer is attached and you can start monitoring and controlling printing activity from every machine on that network including machines with MAC or UNIX OS.

Once installed, this software will detect if there is an Active Directory. And if there is, it will pull the User Names and User Groups from this Active Directory. Trusted domains can be added after installation is complete. If no Windows Active Directory is detected, the Print Manager Plus will only pull Local Users and Groups from the machine it is installed on. Print Manager Plus defined Users and Groups can be created after installation is complete. After installation, this software allows you to track, quota or restrict printing and printer usage by dollar amount, number of pages per job, size and file type.

Besides taking care of printing needs, MPS providers also include number of different services. They provide consolidated reports like a dedicated web page that keeps track of printing activities, few MPS vendors (like Canon ) also give facility of remote monitoring of printer units using advanced software. This gives the MPS provider visibility, and thus they can easily track and resolve faults. Complete life cycle asset management service is also provided, which includes providing support to any acquisition, movement and changes to devices, as well as the disposal of unused devices provided by different vendors.

Through such managed services, device capacity can be scaled to meet increasing requirements. By measuring your usage of a device, an MPS provider can either simply maintain or replace it with a larger or smaller device to match your organizations demand. This enables customization of the services to meet your unique business needs.

With a choice of multiple financing options, there is no need to lock up capital in the infrastructure. An MPS can provide you comprehensive mobile print strategy, utilizing full range of mobile printing solutions to your organization. Instead of having disconnected set of mobile print solutions, an MPS will work with you to define an integrated mobile print infrastructure to meet your specific business needs. Employees gain seamless access to network printers, wired or wireless.

To streamline communication with a client, MPS providers assign dedicated client service managers that act as a single point of contact. Client manager is responsible to keep track of device fleet and take preventive measures to ensure hassle free services to a client. Regular audits are carried out by him to keep track on changing demands of client and to provide appropriate support.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Print Manager Plus 2010 Now Supports Microsoft XPS


Companies Save Up to 75% of Printing Costs

Palo Alto, California, Clearwater, Florida, and London, England - Print Manager Plus, the full feature, all software print monitoring, audit and accounting solution from Software Shelf International now includes full compatibility with the new Microsoft XPS® format to provide users with higher quality documents and higher print cost savings.

Now companies and organizations of any size can easily and fully manage printing on all brands of printers, control all print traffic and effortlessly manage all of their printing resources and printing budgets – throughout their network without resorting to expensive, complex and inferior hardware or other software solutions.

“XPS provides users with a robust, open and highly trustworthy format for electronic paper. Documents print better and can be shared more easily and are more secure for archiving,” said Software Shelf CEO, Bill Feeley. “With the full auditing of Microsoft XPS files, Print Manager Plus remains on the cutting edge of Print Management technology.”

Despite increasing availability of paperless office solutions, the cost of printing continues to eat into many profit lines. Print Manager Plus 2010® is the leading print management solution for print administration and print cost reduction for all operating systems. It is the only fully functional all-software solution available supporting all printers, plotters and multifunctional devices on the market today and monitors printing on all Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux operating systems – and it does so at a fraction of the cost of any other IT product available.

Print Manager Plus is also a Green product featured by ‘Guide Me Green’ as software that is saving 150,000 trees every month due to the paper savings it achieves for its customers.

For a full listing of all new features and pricing:

Microsoft XPS Showcase:

Pricing and availability
A free, fully functional trial version of Print Manager Plus 2010 is now available for download at

About Software Shelf
Software Shelf was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley by Bill Feeley. Its flagship product Print Manager Plus is used by thousands of companies, schools and government offices worldwide. The company provides tech support from its offices in the US and UK and from its partners and resellers in 62 countries.

For a fully functional evaluation of the product please email or contact us.

For further information, contact:

Bill Feeley
Software Shelf International, Inc.
601 Cleveland Street
Suite# 710
Clearwater, FL 33755
United States
Phone: +1 727 445 1920
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Fax: +1 727 445 9223

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