Thursday, July 31, 2008

Load Balancing and Printer Failover increases the efficiency and availablity of your Print Sub system.

If you are using a Windows Print Server you have the option to utilize Windows Printer Pooling but there are limitations to this. In Windows printer pooling you have one queue looking at multiple printers and the balancing is pretty random always favoring one printer.

Software Shelf has 12 years of experience with the Windows Print Sub system, developing and providing solutions for thousands of different scenarios. Load Balancing and Printer Failover with Print Queue Manager gives you better control options to keep things running in tip top shape. Rather than having one queue looking at multiple printers you have one queue for each printer. On the initial shared queue you place a rule when to redirect jobs to another print queue, the alternate print queue does not even have to be shared. Then on the second queue you also place a rule when to move jobs to a third queue (or even back to the original queue).

These rules can be by total byte amount already being processed by the queue or by total jobs already in the queue. For example:

Queue 1 – Rule to move jobs to Queue 2 if Queue 1 already has 10 jobs in the queue. Can also be done in byte count being handled by the queue.
Queue 2 – Rule to move jobs to Queue 3 if Queue 2 already has 10 jobs in the queue.
Queue 3 – Rule to move jobs that end up here back to Queue 4 if Queue 3 is already handling 10 jobs.
So on and so forth.

This also works very well with Print Manager Plus to give you a complete Print Management solution.

There are other benefits to running this as you can also have Queue 1 redirect jobs to the next queue if the printer goes offline for any reason. Paper Jam, Toner Out, Drawer open, out of paper, etc. Jobs will move on down the line t the next printer and print.

You can also have pop up messages sent back to the end user letting them know their job has moved and where to, and pop up alerts sent to an admin. These pop ups do not rely on Net send like most other applications so you don’t even have to enable the messenger service to have all this happen.

Print Queue Manager:

Print Manager Plus:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Print Management Software Improves Law Firm Billing

Print Manager Plus 2008 includes a sophisticated print tracking system which allows law firms to accurately bill back their printing costs to clients with ease

Print Manager Plus 2008 helps legal firms bill clients
for their print outs (image by

Clearwater, Florida and London, UK: The just-released software, Print Manager Plus 2008 for law firms includes features to help recession proof law firms and improve billing practices and income. The entire time-consuming process of manually recording all printing done of behalf of clients, attributing each print job to the correct client and working out the respective costs to be billed to each is now an integral part of Print Manager Plus 2008. No expensive hardware or training is needed with this pure software solution.

The software allows for the client name, account name or matter codes to be billed back to a central database each time a user within the law firm prints from their workstation. It then keeps track of all print job characteristics such as date and time printed, username, document title, number of pages, number of copies, duplex, NUp, and the cost of the print job.

“PMP even allows legal firms to add a margin to the actual cost of each print job, either as a fixed Dollar (or other currency) amount or as a percentage,” says Danny Byrnes, VP of Software Shelf International. “They had to use a paper logbook and try to work it all out in a spreadsheet. Inevitably, many print jobs slipped through the net and were never billed back to the client. Thanks to Print Manager Plus, that’s now impossible and it also saves them hours of admin, paying for itself within a very short space of time!”

Print Manager Plus is fully transparent and almost indistinguishable from Windows itself. It is very easy to use and requires no changes to the existing network configuration. It works with all makes of printer and on any operating system, running off Windows Server or Workstation. It is also fully scalable with flexible licensing available from SOHO (Small Office/Home Office), to the Small Business Edition, right up to the full version, so it is, therefore, suitable for any size of law firm.

With over 150 pre-made in-built reports, graphs and statements, billing back to the clients of law firms has never been easier to administer and audit.

Pricing and Availability
A free, fully functional version of Print Manager Plus 2008 is available for download as a thirty-day free trial at
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About Software Shelf
Software Shelf is the worldwide leader in tightly-integrated Windows Print Management solutions. Established in 1997, its flagship product, Print Manager Plus is used by thousands of businesses, schools, colleges, universities and other organizations worldwide including Hewlett Packard, the US Army and Microsoft. Legal organizations include: Arizona State University College of Law, Stanford University School of Law, Marten Law Group, Bates and Carey LLC, Wright Law Firm, and Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, LLP. Software Shelf provides technical support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its more than 150 partners and resellers in over 60 countries, and it was awarded the Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Partner of the Year Award in 2007. Software Shelf and Print Manager Plus are trademarks owned by Software Shelf worldwide.

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