Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Print Manager Plus Product Manager Update

I am writing you with some helpful tips on using Print Manager Plus to reduce wasteful printing. We have been getting endless reports from customers on how happy they are to have a product like this in economic times like we are currently experiencing and I wanted to share some of the most successful uses.

If you already own Print Manager Plus and do not see any of these options in the software please contact us so we can get you up and running with the latest version.

If you have considered this software in the past and would like to have a new look at it please let me know and I will set you up with a trial version or a WEB demo at your convenience.

Some of the most successful features being used within Print Manager Plus by our 10,000+ clients worldwide to cut out wasteful printing:

1. Force the user the go to the printer location before a job prints out. By setting up the WEB based Release Station option in Print Manager Plus you will have a system where the user will send their print job and be required to go to the Printer Location, type their user name and password into the release station console and release their job at that time. This avoids the stack of paper sitting at the printer at the end of the day that no one ever came to collect. This also gives you a Secure Print set up that supports ALL PRINTERS in case you have users printing sensitive material to a printer that they are not standing right next to.

2. Put in an Administrator Override system. This way you can tighten up restrictions without completely cutting across production by not allowing something to print when it really does need to be printed. Any of the restrictions in Print Manager Plus have a Delete or Hold (Pause) option for the restriction. By Pausing you are having Print Manager Plus hold the job where it then sends a pop up message to the user letting them know what they need to do to have the job print. For example you set a 100 restriction with a pause rule instead of delete. The user needs to print a 150 page document. They get a pop up message letting them know they need to see the office manager (or teacher) to have the job released. The responsible party logs into the WEB based release console and releases the job for the user. If the job is not dealt with in a timely fashion it is purged from the system.

3. Restrict Copies being printed. By doing this if a user sends a 10 page Word document to the Laser printer asking for 10 copies of it they get a POP up letting them know they can only send one copy and asking them to make copies of their job at the copy machine. Copy machine job = 1/2 cent per page, laser printer job = 5 cents per page, on average.

4. Restrict the same document from being reprinted within a set amount of time. This is a great way to avoid the occasional user that sends a job then forgets that they printed the job and sends it again 1 minute later. This also avoids the users that send a job to a printer with a paper jam, they don�t see anything come out so they send it again, and again, and again. When the Jam is cleared all the copies the sent will print, unless you are enforcing this restriction. You also occasionally run across a user that is in a rush and they think their job will print faster if they hit print multiple times.

5. Desktop Printers can be a budget killer! Not many people know that Print Manager Plus is not only a server based product but also a workstation based product. We can include any workstation that has a printer physically attached OR is direct IP printing in your central control and tracking.

These are just a few of the many ways you can cut your printing costs down to a fraction of what you might be spending now. If you have any questions on other problems you might be experiencing with wasteful printing let me know and I will send you the best way to eliminate this.

Best Regards,

Danny Byrnes
Phone# 727-445-1920 x305 - Fax# 727-445-9223


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